Idents : France 5 Rebrand

H&M: Go Green. Wear Blue.


Go Green Wear Blue - Conscious Denim by H&M. Available 2 oct.

dir. Gustav Johansson

DOP. Niklas Johansson
AD Anders Lövgren

Produced by NEW LAND

A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film

Every Frame a Painting
Tony Zhou

Editing Is Art

Dir: Bob Harlow
Producer: Denna Cartamkhoob
DP: Jackson Hunt
1st AD: Mike Dix
Line Producer: Danielle White
Anthony Tasscind
Chris Olivo
Yung Bob
Joshua Henderson
Spencer Phillips
Editor: Dan Sherwen @ Final Cut
Grade: Simon Bourne @ Framestore

Duracell: Trust Your Power

"They didn't call my name, told me it was over, but I've been deaf since I was 3, so I didn't listen."

Aj Rojas