SuperCollider Shape (2011) - João Martinho Moura

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Extract of exhibition at the Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance, Berlin
2nd December 2011

A minimal audiovisual sculpture of sound and imagined ink exploring Supercollider generative sound algorithms. The author is grateful to Alberto de Campo, Julian Rohrhuber and James McCartney for the inspiration on some Supercollider algorithms examples.
Major noise sounds were recorded in a custom made software, developed in Processing, using an EEG interface, doing brain signal analytics, projects.jmartinho, expect the piano, witch was recorded live. The processing program was connected to Super Collider via OSC protocol.


About the author:
João Martinho Moura is a Portugese Interactive Media Artist. His interests are focused on intelligent interfaces, digital art, digital music and computational aesthetics. João Martinho Moura has presented his work and research in a variety of conferences related to the arts and technology, including the International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture OFF (2008), World Congress on Communication and Arts (2010), SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas for Technology (2009), International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging - CAe (2008), ARTECH (2008), ARTECH (2010), Computer Interaction (2009), International Creative Arts Fair (2008), ZON Multimédia Premium (2008), Le Corps Numérique - Centre Culturel Saint-Exupéry (2011), International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (2011). His work has been shown in a variety of places in Portugal, Brasil, UK,France, Hong Kong and Belgium. João Martinho Moura is undertaking research, at University of Minho’s, EngageLAB, and is an invited professorat the Master Program in Technology and Digital Arts (MTAD), at University of Minho, Portugal, teaching Programing for Digital Arts.

João Martinho Moura

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