Moullinex - Catalina

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Music video for Catalina, a track off the Chocolat EP by Moullinex, released in January on Gomma Records.
And a big thank you to Joana Nobre and Paulo Raimundo.
Here’s a detailed walkthrough (plus source files and examples if you wanna do something with this):​post/​3180520798/​catalina-music-video


Batelco - INFINITY

The latest spot from directors Alex & Steffen.

Making of Batelco -

Director: Alex & Steffen
DP: Simon Coull
Line Producer: Peter Oad

Postproduction: Unexpected GmbH, Stuttgart
VFX Supervisor: Alex & Steffen
Lead 3D Artists: Sebastian Badea, Jörg Häberle, Harun Celebi, Alexander Kiesl, Marcel Kühn, Stefan Kleindienst, Johannes Wünsch
Lead 2D Artists: Claus Rudolph, Steffen Hacker
Music by: AOC Paris