The combination of developments in the processing of personal computers, the distribution tools and the new DSLR cameras has led to an increase in the number and quality of low budget audiovisual productions.

The complex sets were replaced by green screens, the film replaced by portable digital cameras. This is the reality that the new directors and production teams have to face, the new world of post production and special effects that you need to know.

It may seem like a scary world. However, this opening of doors, this massification of equipment and means of dissemination leads to an ode to creativity. Therefore, the new audiovisual content is now independent from producers and their rules.

Nevertheless, not all products have value or quality; far from it. Thankfully, in the midst of all the YouTube cat videos, new talents arise every day.

Platforms like Vimeo and Behance simplify this search for new talent, revealing true masterpieces.

Our goal as enthusiasts of the audiovisual field is to aim for that high level.
Throughout this year I will post the best tutorials, camera techniques, post production tips for low-budget short films and feature films making ofs.

May the Force be with you