La Marche

"La Marche"

Written by Simon Rouby & Séverine Lathuillière
Directed by Simon Rouby
Animation: Christophe Pinto, Simon Rouby, SPÉ
Ferrofluids: ACCRETION (
Music by Pablo Pico
3D Modeling, Animation, Render: Thierry Marchand
Live Shots: Thomas Hardouin

Storyboard done with SPÉ.
(see the original drawing there:

Produced by

festivals & distribution: [email protected]

I Wanna Be Your Dog

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Here is a subversive fashion video I edited for House Casting in New York City. It is based on the Iggy Pop song 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'.
The video was played at the Center George Pompidou in Paris in September 09, as part of the 'A Shaded View On Fashion', during the larger fashion week.
Directed by Leg's Georgie Greville.




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A peek at the upcoming design documentary "Objectified", by Gary Hustwit, the director of "Helvetica". The trailer features the voices of Jonathan Ive, Andrew Blauvelt, Marc Newson, and Karim Rashid. The song is "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" by El Ten Eleven.

The Third & The Seventh

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Uma obra prima da arte digital.
“A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal.

CG |Modelling - Texturing - Illumination - Rendering| Alex Roman
POST |Postproduction & Editing| Alex Roman
Sequenced, Orchestrated & Mixed by Alex Roman (Sonar & EWQLSO Gold Pro XP)
Sound Design by Alex Roman

Based on original scores by:
.Michael Laurence Edward Nyman. (The Departure)
.Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns. (Le Carnaval des animaux)
Directed by Alex Roman
Done with 3dsmax, Vray, AfterEffects and Premiere.
EDIT: Original MP4 torrent if you’re interested. Thanks to Brennan ;)”

Spike Jonze

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Um novo projecto do sempre genial Spike Jonze.[/wpcol_1third_end]